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4th Floor,
Broadhurst House,
56 Oxford Street,
M1 6EU.

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SweetSpot Travel started out focusing on bespoke sporting travel itineraries, over the last three years we have found our niche in building great golfing itineraries is the Surrey, Berkshire and Kent.

Having been born in Surrey and playing golf in the home counties I have built up a network of great relationships with the top clubs. SweetSpot Travel take care of every detail that maybe required for your trip, from all your golfing needs, luxury transportation, restaurant bookings and other major sporting tickets.

SweetSpot travel has a vast network of ex-sporting professionals that can enhance any itineraries from ex tour golfers to retired football greats.

SweetSpot Travel hold all the necessary licences to ensure customers money is safe at all times

Atol and PTS

“Over many years, I have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing numerous international golf vacations to various fine courses. But I have NEVER experienced one that was as well organized, effortless, professional, convenient, or pleasant as our most recent excursion to the amazing courses of Southeast England. Seb Roberts and Sweetspot Travel were a joy to work with and assured our group the most luxurious accommodations, comfortable transportation, all while choosing the most thrilling (and difficult to access) golf courses for our journey. We cannot say enough about the finest resource for luxury travel experiences that we have ever found.”

Bill K

My wife and I just returned form England and had the most wonderful experience with Seb Roberts and SweetSpot. Seb arranged everything for us-hotel, golf, restaurants and driving. He was and is amazing! Each of the courses he suggested were awesome. The hotel was excellent. Seb was always on time and ready to drive us wherever we wanted. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him, and look forward to returning soon to England to have him arrange another fantastic golf experience.

Michael W. Carmel, Esq.

The Surrey 3 W’s

A exceptional cluster of 3 heathland classics in the town of Woking in Surrey.

  • 3 Golf Courses
  • 2 Hotels
  • 2 Attractions
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Kent’s Championship Links

A quite stunning set of courses along the rugged coastline with the breeze of the English channel never too far away.
  • 3 Golf Courses
  • 1 Resort
  • 7 Hotels
  • 1 Attractions
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Surrey’s Heathland Classics

A collection of revered Surrey heathland golf clubs that represent the finest heathland golf experience
  • 3 Golf Courses
  • 3 Hotels
  • 4 Attractions
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The Berkshire Heathland Experience

England's Royal county of Berkshire, has some of the most revered Heathland golf courses in the world

  • 3 Golf Courses
  • 1 Hotels
  • 1 Attractions
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