Who Are We?

We are a national membership organisation representing the golf tourism industry in England, with the objective of promoting England as a leading golf destination at home and aboard.

We develop a vision and strategy for promoting golf tourism in England and seek Government Support, acting in the interests of our membership.

Our current members and clients include:

  • National / Regional Tourism bodies
  • English Golf clubs
  • English Resorts
  • Hotels and Hotel Groups
  • Tour Operators (UK and Overseas)
  • Industry Partners
  • To coordinate the industries efforts to promote England as a leading golf destination
  • To educate the golf tourism market about the attraction of England
  • To educate and prepare English destinations and venues etc. to be visitor ready
  • To help to develop a tourism infrastructure enabling bookable itineraries

GTE is a not for profit, membership organisation with no shareholders.

Headed up by CEO, Andrew Cooke, the company has a Steering Committee made up of key stakeholders / members.

The Business is primarily B2B, and is effectively a Trade Association for the golf tourism industry in England.

The aim is to create a board to further the progress and development of the organisation.

GTE Marketing Group

ndrew Cooke

Andrew Cooke
Sport and Tourism Marketing

Maddy Pearce

Maddy Pearce
Marketing and Tourism Strategy

Phil Sharman

Phil Sharman
Digital Development

Richard Pennell

Richard Pennell

Darren Redwood

Darren Redwood
Digital Marketing

Dove Jones

Dove Jones
International Consultant