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Become part of a National body, recognised internationally, representing the Golf tourism industry in England.

'The future looks bright. As an industry association we now have a voice and people are starting to listen. A perfect example of this is the opening up of dialogue between Golf Tourism England, Visit England and England Golf. There is now real hope that England can emerge from the shadows and become a leading player in the international golf tourism marketplace. England’s transport links and general tourism offer are outstanding, when coupled with our rich golfing heritage and variety of courses forms a fairly formidable package.'

Geoff Harris - England's Golf Coast Manager


Benefits of Membership

  • Be part of a National body, recognised internationally, representing the  Golf tourism industry in England.
  • Use of the Golf Tourism England logo in all your printed and digital communications. In time, this logo will represent a ‘Quality Assurance and Standards’ mark.
  • Have a listing in the Website Directory 
  • Be part of a united presence at the International Golf Travel Market every year.
  • Networking Opportunities with other founder members.
  • Discounted membership fee to IAGTO, the International Association of  Golf Tour Operators.
  • Increased national and international publicity about the golf product in England.
  • Participation at an increased number of events, relevant to the promotion of England as a golf destination.
  • Receive regular news updates.
  • Attend Regional Forums across England to share information and provide insight into attracting international golf tourists.
  • Host FAM trips for international golf tour operators and media to experience English golf product.
  • Attend a National Conference.

Cost of Membership 

  • Travel Partner (Golf Tour Operator)   £450-£1000 per annum. Based on number of employees   
  • Industry Partner  (Course, Resort, Hotel, Transport  £450-£750 per annum (Depending on whether it is an 18 hole golf course or a resort Destination)
  • Business Partner  £500 per annum (Based on one named representative per company)
  • Regional Partner  £2500 per annum 
  • Sponsors  Depending on rights package


Membership Application Form

Please fill out the form below to apply for membership with Golf Tourism England.

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