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Website Development

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August 16 2021

We have made some significant changes to our website recently to reflect our commitment to focusing on the development of trade and media relations on behalf of our members, as well as keeping our members abreast of all the events and activities we pursue throughout the year. GTE handles hundreds of enquiries from tour operators, writers, photographers, publishers, suppliers and influencers, and our commitment to our members is to assess and filter these enquiries into the ones that can truly benefit a Club, and those that will achieve little. It is also our job to seek good business opportunities and as a result we feel that our efforts are justified in being focused entirely on providing a B2B service as opposed to a B2C effort. Having said that we do get B2C enquiries from both our website and social media activity, but our aim will be to pass this directly on to our members. Please feel free to provide feedback on the new look.

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